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25L and 50L fractional stills detailed information.

Fuel ethanol still detailed information

Continuous still detailed information.

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5L fractional distiller construction plans plans on disk will guide you through the process of construction of your own fractional distiller.
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US $26.00

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25L and 50L fractional stills manualFree shipment!
25 and 50L
Fractional distillers construction plans plans on disk- second edition with extra information will guide you through the process of construction of your own 25 or 50 liters fractional distiller.

US $27.00

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Fuel still construction manual
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Continuous fuel ethanol distiller construction plans.
This interactive disk has more than 1600Mb of real step by step photos and video that shows every single step of the still construction.

US $30.00

Fractional and continuous stills manual
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Fractional and continuous fuel stills construction plans.

This disk (more than 2600Mb) includes everything that you can find in 25L still manual, 25L and 50L stills manual and also continuous fuel still construction manual. So instead of buying three separate DVDs one can get all the info on single disk.

US $40.00
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Item 115

This disk has everything that can be found in all previous editions (over 4000Mb of info), plus this release has an extra info that can not be found in any of previously issued plans. The  extra info covers the construction of the "350L fractional still", the "portable water cooler" and "Herbals' infusion chamber". (Does not includes "Micro continuous stripping still's construction plans".)

 US $45.00

Item 116 pictureMicro continuous stripping still's construction plans.
"Item 116"
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This disk covers detailed construction method of 1.5kw micro continuous still, the disk is loaded with hundreds of pictures with supporting explanatory text that shows every single step of the still construction - follow instructions and build your own continuous still.

US $30.00

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  item 117 plans on diskItem 117
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Two disks package: items 115 and 116 together the package covers:
 "350L fractional still"
construction plans of Micro continuous stripping still, 25/50L fractional stills, 4.5kw continuous fuel still, stainless ethanol line for fractional stills, the "portable water cooler" and "Herbals' infusion chamber".

US $50.00


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