Spirit distillation, 25L fractional still.
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Fractional still video 1.
Fractional still video 2.
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Just read what people think about stills and  construction manuals:

Hi, Firstly I must say I am delighted with the unit ("Alex 25").  I have had great fun experimenting  with some very good results. After graduating through the basic stuff  then onto the CM type Essencia , I truly believe  this, for someone who has a bit of understanding but no ability to home make his own, must be the best unit around  especially with  all the added features and design concepts. I'd be  more than happy to be a referee  if you had someone  who wanted  to talk to an owner  for independent recommendation.  I've been sorely tempted to put glowing comments on the trade-me ads and am  happy to do so if you so wish.

Graham, New Zealand.

fuel still Fuel still Canada.

I have bought a lot of plans over the net for all sorts of things... Aluminium boats, Rotary screens, Fish tanks and cabinets, engine conversions and even other people still plans like the Charles 803 among others. The detail, quality and sheer number of pictures in your CD make building this bad boy (50L fractional still) a piece of cake. This still gives indeed spirits at 95% and after using many other types of stills, I now wonder how I could ever actually drink the crap that comes out of them. I used your distillation calculations and separated the spirit out into the different fractions and put them into separate bottles. I couldn't believe the difference between the bottles for the one run. Your still gets out all that stinky shit which would normally go in with the good stuff. Anthony, Australia.

50L still 50L still 50L still

50L Fractional still, Lithuania.

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