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 The information available on the 25L fractional distiller construction plans:


25L still
The "Alex 25" fractional still construction plans:
complete step by step coverage with heaps of photos of every step of the still construction, supporting text, sizes, list of material, construction techniques, plus fractional still handling manual with fractions calculation formulas and ethanol dilution calculation table. This manual also includes a video about fractional distiller handling and coverage of complete distillation with an example of fraction calculations.

fractional stillfractional stillfractional still
fractional stillfractional stillfractional stillfractional still
fractional stillfractional still
stainless line
 Stainless steel ethanol conducting line that replaces the old plastic design, all sizes, and list of materials provided, plus step by step photos covering every aspect of stainless steel ethanol conducting line construction.

stainless linestainless linestainless line
stainless line

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